wedding story I Jana & Steffen I wedding in the medival castle of Rochlitz and in the barock guesthouse in Wendishain

In the guesthouse "Zum Pfarrlehen" in Wendishain, the preparations for the wedding of Jana and Steffen are already in full swing. The beautiful, carefully restored house is gradually filled with life. Here the children play, as the grandparents unpack their grandsons' suits, where the bridegroom begins trimming his full beard, and in the room opposite, strand by strand, the bride's hair is fought into a braid, which soon disappears under the long veil. In the yard it smells of flowers and herbs, the tables are already covered and in the garden only the last lanterns are hung in the trees and the the pool is filled. The drive to the ceremony leads past endlessly wide crop fields, dense forests, goose meadows and old farmsteads. Blue sky. Heat. Midsummer. Then the narrow spiral staircase along cool thick historical walls up to the gothic wedding space of the castle Rochlitz, where more than a hundred guests and the groom wait for the bride. The day is long, funny, emotional and bursting with happiness and love.

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