wedding story telling in Portugal, Algarve I Anett & Sten I wedding at Praia da Marinha with sand ceremony

At one of the most beautiful Portuguese beaches in the south of the Algarve Anett and Sten get married. When we arrive at Praia da Marinha, the beach is still full of sunbathers. It's May in Portugal and the temperatures are already like midsummer. We walk on the cliffs to a viewing platform. Here we are undisturbed amidst the lovely wedding decoration made of white paper balls and bouquets. The view is breathtaking and the silence magical. Apart from the waves and the seagulls, we hear only the happy laughter of little daughter Selma, who is happy about the glitter of the golden stars on her princess dress and is very enthusiastic about the sand ceremony. Since I was able to meet the bridal couple a few months ago in Germanxy, it is like a reunion and the mood very relaxed. After the wedding, we walk down to the sea, discover caves and hidden bays and at the end of the day we have the beach for us.

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