Wedding in the old town of Dresden und in the Lingner Castle

Marina & Stefan 

part 1:

Getting Ready in " Das Lebendige Haus"


The fact that two wedding photographers put their trust in me and let me capture their day in pictures fills me with pride. Marina's family arrived from Brazil and Stefans partly from Russia for the wedding. Actually, Marina and Stefan wanted to have a more intimate wedding, but as often it gets more and more and in this case that was a good thing, because not only for the Brazilian guests it was an unforgettable party! The bride and groom chose one of the most picturesque scenery in Germany for their wedding. In one of the design apartments of "Das Lebendige Haus" in the middle of the old town of Dresden, the Brazilian women, some of whom only arrived the night before by plane, are getting ready by the make-up artists. In the midst of all the hustle and bustle, Marina sits and drinks her coffee seemingly relaxed. The groom is the tension to note: the breakfast almost not touched, the coffee already cold, constantly on the phone and in between taking an Aspirin to get through the day despite the cold and tiredness. It's good that his best man can not be disturbed. After the ceremony in the City Museum "Landhaus" we shoot some amazing portraits of the newlywed in the old town and then drive to the Lingner Castle, the middle of three fairy-tale castles on the riverbanks of the Elbe. A glass of wine from the local vineyard in the hand everybody enjoys the mild late summer weather while being surrounded by old walls, colorful vine leaves and a stunning view of the valley and the towers of the old town, behind which the sun sets. The best time to shoot more amazing frames of the couple. That not only Brazilians can celebrate really well, you see when you watch the story to the end.

Location: Lingnerschloss Dresden, Germany / Getting Ready: Das Lebendige Haus / Ceremony: Stadtmuseum "Landhaus" / Catering: Lingnerterrassen /

Bridal bouquet and decoration: Zauberhaft Katja Klatte, Dresden / Wedding cake: Fräulein Lecker, Dresden / Child care: Kinderfest Dresden / Saxophonist: Max Ender / Piano: Sergio Pontes & Lia Vasileli / DJ: Andree Hommel, Dresden / Make-up artist: Gerda Steiner  

part 1:

Getting Ready in " Das Lebendige Haus"


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