wedding story I Daniela & Kristian I autumn at Wendgräben property

The black rain clouds over the Wendgräben property cleared away right on time for the wedding of Daniela and Kristian in Brandenburg near Berlin so that the bride, the groom and their guests are tickled awake by the first sunrays. Everybody takes over a part of the preparations and contributes with creative ideas, beautiful voices, baking skills or handicraft work to this lovely organised DIY Wedding for all to remain unforgotten a long long time. Everything harmonised  perfectly - the wedding cakes color was as violet as Kristians socks, the elegant lace wedding dress was already carried by the bridesmother years ago, many dear words were said, tears of joy were running down faces and a minute later people laughed until crying and everything dipped in golden autumn light. Thank you, Daniela & Kristian for letting me be a part of your beautiful story! 

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