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Family photos and baby bump shoot at home with Julia, Thomas & Lara

Thomas surprised his Julia on her birthday with a voucher for a photo shoot. It won't be long now before the second little daughter is born. So we not only took family photos, but also baby bump pictures and of course lots and lots of children's photos of sweet Lara. When I arrived at the flat in Leipzig in the afternoon, the little one was still sleeping under a huge blanket between lots of pillows. So for now, the focus is on her sister, who probably has hardly any room left in Mum's round belly. Outside, a thunderstorm is approaching. It is getting darker and darker in the flat. Thomas suggests taking a family photo in the VW bus. We all think it's a great idea. Lara eagerly sends thousands of dandelion umbrellas on their way and finally finds it great to be photographed.


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