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What is your approach/style?

I want to tell your story in all its various facets as it happens, without intervention. It is about the great, most moving and joyful moments as well as the quieter ones and the small details that create the special atmosphere of your wedding. My goal is to capture them as they unfold avoid using artificial light and without much posing. This allows me to faithfully photograph the atmosphere of an event and occasion. My discreet approach to a more authentic style as a wedding photographer is often created using natural and available light only and is most commonly described as ‘documentary wedding photography’.  I offer you my personal attention and assistance throughout your wedding planning and wedding day. I am like a friend who is right in the middle of your event and in the same time I document what is naturally occurring on your day. Your special wishes and ideas are very important to me and I am happy to take the time to fulfill them


Shall we get to know you before our wedding?

Of course! It is important to me that you feel comfortable with me as your wedding photographer because I am with you during your most emotional moments, I share your joy and record one of the most important days in your live! To get good pictures you need to trust me. To find out if there is that symphathy between us, at least we need one meeting before your marriage..

When and how do we get the pictures?

Within three days after your wedding, you will receive a first selection of about 10 pictures. The post production of all your wedding photos typically takes up to 3 weeks. You will receive your edited, high resolution images on DVD (Basic Package) or on USB flash drive (all other packages) in a precious print box. In addition all your pictures are available for sharing, downloading and printing in a password protected online gallery for PC, tablet & smartphone.  Engagement-Fotoshootings, After-Wedding-Shootings, professional prints, wall pictures, photo albums and cards you can book any time.


How much does it cost us if we book you as a photographer for our wedding?

That depends entirely on your personal wishes and on how many hours you want my photographic support. You can see my wedding packages here. I would be happy to make you an individual offer.

Do you also take pictures with a second photographer?

If this is your wish, yes. Two photographers can easily cover both the bride and the groom before the ceremony, making it possible to tell the full story of your day! I work together with some photographers. Please ask me to get more information about additional costs. 


What do we do when it rains?

Don´t worry about that. Remember to bring a suitable umbrella and we can get very beautiful romantic or fun pictures. ​

What gear are you coming to the wedding with?

I work with a Canon EOS 5D Mark III and an extra camera. I use mainly prime lenses with high light transmission. Both a tripod and an external flash I use rarely.


Is it possible to get to know each other before the shoot?

Of course! Before the photo shooting we can meet personally or talk about everything on the phone or skype.

Where is the photo shoot taking place?

I do not work in a studio! I recommend to photo shoot in a surrounding that you feel familiar with like your home, in the garden or a place known to you outdoors. But I also know some nice places where we can go. A lot of fun is guaranteed if the photo shooing is held while you are for example in a pillow fight, playing with your kids, baking in the kitchen or simply go for a walk. You will always love to remember the good atmosphere of that day.

Should the location be prepared for the photo shoot?

Not necessarily. You must feel comfortable! In your home I take photos close to the window to get the natural light.

What time of day do you take the best photos?

Since I work without flash and almost exclusively with natural light, photos should take place indoors, such as in your home, when it is brightest where you are. Outside, the best time of day is morning or afternoon before sunset.

Which clothes are suitable?

Clothing should be weather appropriate. It's no fun when the kids are cold. I like to recommend neutral, not too colorful things that match the color of the environment and each other. Beautiful things can make a big difference. But it also depends a lot on your style and taste. Before the photo shoot, I would be happy to advise you in more detail.

Should we bring something?

I prefer to shoot without accessories. If you would like to bring something, we will consider together whether it fits.

How is the photo shoot going?

When we then meet for the shoot, I'll give you a few suggestions and usually start with the family photos. In between I'll show you some pictures and then the ideas will come by themselves. I take my time and follow your rhythm. I prefer it when you don't concentrate so much on me and just be yourself and have fun. This results in the most vivid and natural images that you will always fondly remember.

What do we do when it rains?

If it rains heavily, we look for a dry place. In light rain, we can usually still take pictures outside. If the time allows, we can also postpone the shooting at short notice.


When and how will we receive our photos?

Within one week after your shooting, you can choose your pictures from a password protected online gallery for PC, tablet & smartphone. Additional images to your booked packages can be ordered after the session for 15 € per photo. Let me know which ones you have selected. You will then receive your non-watermarked edited, high resolution images on DVD.

Are beauty retouches included in the price?

If requested I retouch temporary changes, e. g. rings under the eyes or light skin irritations.

How much does it cost us if we book you as a photographer?

Prices depend on what you would like to be included. More about my pricing you may find here. I also make individual offers..

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